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Our company was formed in 1998 and has been involved in the design, manufacture and supply of, round and rectangular, steel, stainless steel, composite fabric, PTFE and rubber expansion joints. Also known as bellows, these flexible items are used, primarily, wherever there is a need to take up thermal expansion in ducting or piping and are also used to isolate vibration. They are commonly found in but not limited to, plants that manufacture cement, fertilizers, sugar, paper, steel, petrochemicals, oil, power and widely used in the mining and shipping industries.

We are able to manufacture sizes that range from 15mm to in excess of 6m diameter in single or multi-ply configurations, in all the grades of stainless steel including high nickel alloy materials. All metal bellows are designed to the EJMA standard and all welding conforms to the ASME IX code.

The management of Kenflex cc has 15 years experience in the design, application engineering and supply of compensators. The staff are sent on regular approved training programme's in order to upgrade their skills. We have, over time, formed and fostered mutually beneficial partnerships, (both technical and for skills development), in order to maintain low overheads, the ability to weather economic cycles and to remain relevant within the context of the changing South African political landscape.
To this end, we have been audited and rated by a certified agency as level 2 compliancy for BBBEE. We are currently in the process of being ISO 4001 accredited.

Kenneth.M Nair - Owner Kenflex cc