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What are the main applications for bellows?

- Hot gas ducting
- Heating oil lines
- Marine exhausts
- Cryogenic pipelines
- Hot gas lines and ducting
- Hot water and steam lines
- Vibration isolation on pumps

What types of Bellows does Kenflex cc offer?

- Axial compensator
- Gimbal compensator
- Universal compensator
- Tied double compensator
- Single hinged compensator
- Double hinged compensator
- Pressure balanced compensator
- Externally pressurised compensator

What are our methods of manufacturing and maximun sizes available?

Circular expansion joints are manufactured using the hydro forming, punch forming, roll forming or spinning process.

Hydro form bellows can be manufactured up to NB700 to fit standard pipe diameters in single or multi-layer configurations.

Roll forming and the spinning process is not limited to any diameter, but can only be produced to a minimum of NB350.We are able to punch form multi layer units up to a diameter of 6m at present.

Rectangular bellows can be manufactured to any size and we are to offer compensators with camera corners, double mitre corners, or single mitre corners.

Primary materials of choice for most compensators are austenitic stainless steel however other materials can be specified depending on the application. We also offer composite fabric and elastomeric expansion joints for ducting applications.

What standards are our bellows designed to?

All stainless steel compensators are designed to the latest Expansion Joint Manufacturers Associations Guidlines (EJMA-9) as at November 2009.

What information is required obtain a quote from Kenlfex cc?

- Medium
- Design pressure
- Design temperature
- Type of end fittings and standards
- Required diameter and overall length
- Amount of movement and type of movement required

Can Kenlfex cc deliver?

Yes, we are able to arrange deliveries anywhere in the world.